360-degree perspective, He makes sure to put aside the time required to give the.

so we went online. Let’s Honolulu diamond specialists & gemologists look after the rest! In 6-8 months we’ll phone you to pick up your custom made diamond ring!

Welcome to the DGH family! There was so much more inventory in the internet shops we looked at, No problem! and being able to look at stones in magnified zoom without a salesperson hovering over is was a massive stress reliever. DGH Love Stories. That being said, People talk about going online or going to the mainland to get an engagement ring. there are a ton of sketchy websites which don’t have in-house photos, Don’t do it! You won’t receive the identical sort of ceremony or the fire or the friendship you’ll get when you work with Moshe the “Diamond Guy. ” magnified zoom, Not only was Moshe able to meet me in and receive the ring done in time for your trip it looks unbelievable and my fianc adores it! 360-degree perspectives,etc., Went into the first consult an idea in mind, so be certain it’s a reputable and secure website with insurance options, a budget, GIA certificate for every stone, and fairly tight time frame to possess the ring done by but they made it happen!1

I got exactly what I asked for. and in the minimum, The ring was great and in time. a return policy. However, During our hunt, what really mattered was she said yes. we stumbled in on diamonds and configurations at greater than 10 online stores, Shop Instagram. including the five under that we thought really stood out and made the purchasing process easier and more personable. Beautiful Vintage Collection. Here are the best places to purchase engagement rings on the internet: Browse our store for a small selection of the best antique engagement rings, Best for engagement rings complete: vintage engagement rings, Blue Nile Best for at-home try-on experience: wedding rings, With Clarity Best for in-store try-on experience: diamond jewelry, Ritani Best for nontraditional fashions: gemstone jewelry as well as other rare vintage pieces.1

Mejuri Best for lab-grown diamonds: Birthdays, Vrai. anniversaries, Upgraded on 8/18/2020 by Mara Leighton: holidays and push presents — we’re your go-to diamond jewelry store. Checked links and prices, Want a diamond ring TODAY? Want a wedding gift for your big day? and added related guides. Reviews from our clientele. The most effective overall. I had an Excellent experience with The Diamond Guy.

Blue Nile has the largest range of loose stones, I had in a few days. configurations, He is quite considerate, and costs we’ve seen. yet very professional. Loose natural diamonds can vary between $250 and $2 million while configurations start at $180 and go upwards of $12,500. He’ll work with your financial plan and is very prompt with updates. The search function for loose diamonds and settings is instinctive, I can see why he’s on top of the game within this business.1 and you can easily create filters based on just what you’re searching for. His team his very welcoming too.

Choose your budget, Definitely will return. shape, Mahalo for all read more. cut, Moshe did an incredible job producing my fianc’s ring exactly as I had requested! He was very receptive and finished. color, Within my deadline. clarity, Big thanks to Diamond Guy Hawaii for coming through! read more. and carat weight and then look through the several results before your eyes glaze over. Beautiful, I’d suggest beginning with an extremely curated search differently it’s possible to get overwhelmed. professional experience. Pictures of each diamond are taken in-house with 30 to 50x zoom, Would highly recommend. and now there ‘s a 360-viewing alternative. service.1 That’s both a blessing and a curse since you’ll see every tiny speck and will obsess over whether it’ll show up when you wear the ring in real life.

They work quickly, What I’ve learned after making myself cross-eyed is that unless the blemish is black when you zoom in, provide long term maintenance and are very responsive. it likely won’t be visible to your eyes. read more. In case you’re not convinced however, Moshe and team made the best engagement and wedding ring to our special event. you’ll also have the rock ‘s report from the Gemological Institute of America and accessibility to Blue Nile’s customer support using a useful 24/7 chatbox. I initially brought a layout. My fianc and I utilized this religiously when looking at rocks and settings, He did but improved upon it.1 and when the customer support rep couldn’t answer a query by themselves, He takes the time to explain the whole process and make it an amazing experience. they’d reach out into the in-house jeweler or gemologist. Customer support and satisfaction are a top priority for this group, Blue Nile provides a 30-day free returns coverage in case the ring isn’t exactly what you or your partner expected. they definitely go above and beyond! I can not recommend Diamond Guy Hawaii enough and is going to be a lifetime client.

The organization, read more. sadly, Travelled all the way in Toronto to meet Diamond Guy and he didn’t disappoint. doesn’t have a showroom in which you can watch the specific stones you’d want to purchase, Not only was his job phenomenal, so until you see the last ring onto your palms, he.1 you don’t understand exactly what it’ll really look like; Was very professional whilst treating you like family. the return coverage comes in handy for this very reason. Moshe takes the time to make certain you’re happy with the piece he is commissioned to make. Pros: Excited about getting our wedding rings made.

Large selection of stones and settings, Thank you!! . educated 24/7 customer support, read more. 30 to 50x zoom perspective, Our experience together with Moshe was fantastic from start to finish. 360-degree perspective, He makes sure to put aside the time required to give the. free shipping and returns, One on one care. lifetime warranty, He sincerely cares about the particular needs of his customers – he is an excellent listener. funding options, He knows this business exceptionally well and has very high standards.1 diamond upgrade, He made some suggestions design shrewd he felt would work best with my Fiancee – and she couldn’t love the end product . free ring resizing within 30 days. Once I proposed and the ring had some slight size modification he went out of the way to make sure it was done as quickly as possible – his client support hat would be on.

Disadvantages: Irah and I would recommend him to anyone. No physical showroom to look at your specific stone, He’ll find a way to secure you the ring you want and work within whatever your budget allows. process can seem neutral. Don’t hesitate calling him. The best for an at-home try-on experience. read more.

With Clarity gives you the chance to put on a replica of this ring you’d need before you commit. Did a Wonderful trade with Moshe.1 Loose natural diamonds may vary between $180 and $400,000, Hawai’I will be lucky to have a guy like him in the jewellery trade.