Sides Seamless O-Ring Metal Throat Gag With Adjustable Fabric Band

Sides Seamless O-Ring Metal Throat Gag With Adjustable Fabric Band

Fetish Dream Limited Edition O-Ring Fun

Type a realm of submission because of this naughy O-Ring Gag. This beginners-friendly gag functions a tiny metal O-Ring attached to two durable PVC straps. The bands adjust to healthy many models, taking the ring fast and maintaining the throat available wider. You are in control of whenever and how often your companion talks. and what you would now is up to you! O-Ring fun Diameter: 1.9 in. (4.8 cm)

First Time Fetish O Ring Gag

Open your mouth wide the very first time Fetish O band fun. This thraldom mouth area fun comes with 3 interchangable O-Rings to really have the great match.

Bound By Diamonds – Start Band Gag

Fetish playwear with 3 compatible ring dimensions and changeable cinch strap. Exquisite diamond details. 80percent PVC, 10per cent Polyester, 5% Stabilizer,5% Agonist (strap), Phthalate free of charge PVC (rings),Iron (d-ring), metal (clasps), Quartz Sands (expensive diamonds). Nickel-free. Strap adjusts to 32 inches / 81 cm, 1.75 inch / 4 cm (small band), 2 inches / 5 cm (average ring), 2.25 inches/ 6 cm (large band).

O-Ring Fun

Start and state aaah. Bondage gamble would not be full without a gag to silence your eager submissive. This black fabric O-ring fun retains orally ready to accept a variety of perverted possibility. This SADO MASO gag is ideal for those that have complications with ball gags because this gag supplies additional airflow than ball-style gags for easier breathing. Sizes: mini: 1.125 in Medium: 1.375 in huge: 1.625 in

Silicone O-ring fun

A classic O-ring gag with a-twist! This lips restraint is constructed of smooth, vegan-friendly silicone for optimal comfort. A 2a€? large O-ring sits in this delectable bit, and tiny, silicone guys are embellished along side bands to provide measurement to the lavish mouth area fun’s dark, brooding visual. An excellent article of thraldom accessories to get- the Silicone O-ring restraint can be so velvety soft- your own submissive is bound to ask for you really to secure it on.

Item Detailsa€? Made of allergen-free silicone and nickela€? Vegana€? Adjustablea€? simple to cleana€? overall size: 22.5″ w/ 6.75″ of adjustability

Silicon Mouth Start Mouth Gag

Build an attractive lip stick fantasy utilizing the silicone polymer lip area available mouth area fun place their mouth all over gag and protected using changeable vegan leather band with buckle closure “

Strict Fabric Ring Fun

Easy and direct, this black leather band fun characteristics a material O-ring covered with thinner leather-based. Its shut with a cinch band which draws the band tightly into the lips keeping it open. The bands could be modified and guaranteed by looping them through two D-rings. 3 dimensions to choosing from. small-1.25 ins in diameter, medium-1.50 ins or large-1.75 inches or extra-large; 2.05 in internal diameter, 2.65 in exterior diameter

Fetish Fantasy O Band Fun And Nipple Clamps

Get your partner to open up wider and express ahhhh with this nps. The gag comprises of a tiny material O-ring wrapped in leather, connected to two tough fabric bands. Two chained nipple clamps keep the nipples perky, in addition to covered clamps easily adapt to fit your desired stress. The leather-based straps conform to suit the majority of sizes, taking the ring fast and keeping the mouth area available greater. You’re in control of when and how often your companion talks. what you do next is perfectly up to you!

Jennings Dental Throat Fun

The Jennings Dentistry Mouth Gag are a health equipment used by dentists and dental surgeons maintain lips available during exams and operations. Manufactured from stainless-steel with a matte finish, they ways 5.5 inches from end to end. The widest environment try 2.5 in. This gag is employed in SADOMASOCHISM enjoy maintain a slave’s throat open without having the concern with obtaining bit.