How to Find the Cheapest Concert Tickets

cheapest concert tickets

How to Find the Cheapest Concert Tickets

There are a variety of ways to locate cheap concert tickets. These include Craigslist and VividSeats, SeatGeek and StubHub. There are however methods to locate the most affordable concert tickets without going through the hassle of trying to find tickets. We’ll be discussing some of the most well-known ways to save money. These are some methods to save money on tickets.


StubHub is a secondary ticket broker that specialises in the sale of concert tickets. Tickets are priced a percentage off the face valueand tend to be sold for a lower price than the original ticket. It’s quick and secure, and customers can be assured that their tickets are valid until the date of the event. StubHub offers a FanProtect guarantee to protect their customers. If the ticket purchased isn’t valid for the concert, StubHub will replace it with an equivalent ticket or refund all of the cost of purchase.

StubHub is a ticket seller that charges fees for every ticket bought. Please read the terms and conditions attentively before making a purchase. While StubHub claims that its service is free, they do charge a fee for fulfillment, that is stated to be intended for guidance purposes only. Additionally, it’s important to remember that all-in prices do not include the service fee and tax in StubHub’s payment system. It breaks down the entire payout into fees, service fees and estimated tax. StubHub’s payment features are continuously updated, so you will be aware of the exact amount your ticket will cost you before you make your purchase.

Even though the price for tickets could be more expensive than the original price, it’s still possible to get a better ticket when you purchase tickets on StubHub in the days before the concert. You might be able find tickets that are as high as 51% lower if you have luck. Keep in mind that buying tickets the day before a show can be risky. You can purchase tickets at as low as 22.5 percent if you buy tickets one day before the show. The purchase of tickets 30 days prior to the show will save you 0.36 percent.


There’s a common saying “the earlier you purchase the better” when looking for tickets to a concert. Although this is applicable to many venues, the best method to save on concert tickets is by shopping for tickets on the internet. If you’re looking for a bargain think about looking at secondary markets, such as SeatGeek to get the best bargains. It is possible to find most affordable prices online for concert tickets and, in some cases, you can save up to 70% over the primary market.

SeatGeek prices are transparent and you can show you’ve found a cheaper price elsewhere. This isn’t a good alternative, but it’s an option for shoppers who need to make a last-minute purchase. The deal score system of this website is a valuable tool to analyze pricing, seats and the historical data. It also has a search feature to help you evaluate prices prior to making the purchase.

The site works by searching several ticket sites to find the best deal. The site also provides the ‘Deal Score’ that tells you what the ticket will cost and provides you with a few different options to pick from. Certain tickets are purchased from traditional markets and are sold directly through ticket brokers. Some tickets are sold by individual sellers who aren’t able to be at the concert and require to market their tickets. You can also get a money back guarantee from SeatGeek.

SeatGeek and Stubhub offer tickets for sale at a lower cost than traditional ticket brokers, especially for events with smaller capacities. It is also true for larger events. Seatgeek as an example will help you find tickets at a lower cost if the event is already sold out. They charge their vendors fees, but Seatgeek charges no seller fees. SeatGeek is an online platform that permits users to buy tickets directly from the concert venue without the need for a broker.


Craigslist is a great way to save money and avoid scalpers by purchasing cheap concert tickets. To ensure you are buying legitimately, compare the prices of tickets listed on Craigslist to the actual deal. To do this make sure you download a ticket verification software such as Ruckus. It is not legal to purchase tickets from scalpers. The price of the ticket will likely be more than what was originally advertised.

In the first place, the prices listed on Craigslist should be reasonable. Don’t allow the price to fool you. A single ticket might be worth $1500 or could be counterfeit. It is also important to be cautious when buying second-hand tickets through Craigslist. There are also a LegitTicketSites variety of dangers to be aware of, such as buying counterfeit tickets, fake tickets and tickets from an other event. Fortunately, Craigslist typically offers refunds in the event of fake tickets.

Beware of sellers. Craigslist is full of fraudulent ticket brokers So, make sure you check for genuine listings. Craigslist allows you to advertise tickets for as little as $1. Some will make use of generic headlines and expensive prices. Fans who are regular on the other hand, will list their seat numbers and the exact cost they paid for their tickets. In the end, you’ll likely be able to get an even better price if buy your tickets directly at the venue or from the primary ticket seller.

It is important to purchase tickets before the deadline. Purchasing tickets early will lower the possibility of buying fake tickets. You can also purchase tickets through verified sellers like StubHub as well as Craigslist. Although prices are cheaper than auction sites, they will remain more expensive than normal P2P transactions. There’s only one downside: they could be fraudulent!


If you’re searching for the lowest concert tickets on the market, you’ve come to the right spot. VividSeats offers an impressive rewards program that grants customers the opportunity to save up to 8 percent discount on the cost of their tickets. Members also enjoy discounts on repeat shows and group tickets. You can also get Extrabux Super Cash whenever you purchase tickets via Vivid Seats. It is simple and straightforward to follow through the entire process.

While buying tickets for a concert from an exchange site be sure to is megaseats legit look for cancellation rules. Vivid Seats as well as StubHub have the lowest prices for tickets to concerts. They also offer excellent customer service, although less than Vivid Seats’. StubHub however, on the other however, has a promise against counterfeit tickets. The guarantee applies if you purchase a ticket through StubHub only to find out later that it is fake.

In addition to offering the tickets at the lowest cost, VividSeats also has an user-friendly website that lets users to purchase tickets to concerts. All you require is your credit card or debit card in order to complete the transaction. After you’ve completed the purchase, VividSeats will send you an email to confirm your purchase with a link to the website of the concert venue. Tickets prices could be up to 30% less than the original prices.

You can look for tickets in terms of price and seating locations when you’ve decided on the tickets you want to buy. When you’ve located the tickets you’re looking to purchase, add them to your shopping cart, pay online then you’re all set. Tickets starting at $10, and as cheap as $20. Although VividSeats tickets can be a little difficult, they’re worth the effort. They also can deliver them right to your door.


TicketIQ is the most reliable site to assist you in finding low-cost tickets to concerts. It’s safe, easy and speedy. This site was formerly called TiqIQ. It utilizes intelligence to help music lovers get the best prices. Tickets that are fee-free are available to every concert event and the company also offers Refund Guaranteed Tickets. You can receive as much as 20% off if you aren’t able to attend the concert you want.

Prices vary widely between events, but most tickets start at the sixty-five or seventy-five dollars price range. However, events with higher demand will increase the cost of tickets up to $135 or more. Even if tickets are expensive however, they’ll be affordable for the majority of people. Even VIP packages that are expensive are priced as low as $235-465 for each. The price-matching feature of TicketIQ allows you to compare prices across different sites , which will save you time.